A Cappuccino or Some Coffee

There is a tiny percentage of people in the world you may be able to get the reference of the title. But probably not.

(Warning: made-up words ahead)

Anyway.  Did you know that that not too long ago, nearly everyone accepted that a “cup” of coffee was about 4 ounces?  Because that’s the appropriate survey. Now I know why I’m so irritated by all my coffee and tea individual package directions telling me to add 2-3 tbs per 6 ounces hot water, when I know I don’t like to use mugs smaller than, say, 12 ounces. Now most of those I own are probably 8 ounces, so I use a little less. So I double all of those directions, and get mad, because it seems like cheating on the part of the companies that they haven’t adjusted for modern tastes.

But, as with food, I know rationally that despite stupid people, it is not their responsibility to follow modern tastes.  Again, stupid people.  (From the direction of this post, you should already know that I am not entirely discluding myself from that group.)  So it’s perfectly fair for them to create a product that is adjusted for reality verses society. Oooh, I like that phrase.

And yet, upping the coffee intake since then really that bad?  I don’t think so.  Yes, in many cases I’m probably wrong…but when “we” as a culture, including the British and early United Statesians, thought of coffee as a specialty.  It was only for having a little bit of a time, and savored.  I’m sure there’s an equivalent now, but I can’t think of one.  Eventually, coffee likely just became absorbed into the culture, it was nothing more special than a drink to keep you awake when we first started deciding to fit as much work into as little time as possible.  The cup sizes never got any larger because it was accepted that a cup of coffee was only 4 ounces.  No one bothered to think of it.  Also, the coffee probably wasn’t all that good.

It’s only since the days of Starbucks and other coffee-type-specialty-drink stores started popping up, and then we decided that it was special again, and also good to use to keep awake.  So coffee started tasting better: because it was better in the first place, and also had lots of sugar, milk and coffee.  And we wanted even longer work days–that I don’t know the reason for. And everyone started drinking espresso in their fancy coffees as it comes in smaller cups, and therefore can accommodate more foamed milk, even as it has less caffeine than coffee.  Which naturally leads to the idea that you may as well just add more of it to make up the difference.

We’re probably okay on our coffee drinking in my opinion.  I can’t have it everyday, but I can when I want it because I can make foamed milk.  And I have hot chocolate packets, which adds up to a pretty good mocha latte.  Even then, however, I don’t drink as much as some others in the world–maybe a total 12 ounces of coffee–occasionally, hmmm, 20?  Maybe not that much, I can’t really judge…again, the milk takes up lots of space, and I can’t buy coffee all that often. But I can drink a coffee drink up until about an hour or two before I go to sleep (say a double espresso) and sleep just fine–admittedly, with very odd dreams, but it is good solid sleep.  Unless I don’t want to of course.

Anyway, there are some important reasons to drink coffee.  If you write fiction, it is simply unimaginable to try to face a blank page without some good-old-caffeine courage. And I personally will allow tea as well.  But, (if you’re a purist tea lover, nothing wrong with that!, don’t read) I like my tea very strong, hot, milky and sweet.  Shocking.

But having that drink on hand makes you–read, me–feel much more like writing.  If I can’t savor what words are on the page, at least I can savor the drink.

And I’ll stop here for the sole reason that I think this will be my shortest post ever!  I’ve been working on that.

Disclaimer:  I have absolutely no authority on this subject.  It’s all conjecture.  But I’m pretty sure it’s not all that far off…I have to have something that makes me feel better about my caffeine intake.


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