Virtual Reality

Is there anything better than watching Murder She Wrote episodes and reading the oldest Hardy Boys books?

Well, yes, lots of things.  I’m not that bad.

But on Murder She Wrote, occasionally there are episodes that turn on the latest technology–computers!  I think there’s even one with a plot all about “virtual reality.” Of the time.  They are hilarious.  Yes, this is something that one can notice in any old movie or show (or book), but for some reason I find it particularly amusing about Murder She Wrote.  Maybe it’s because Jessica Fletcher (the “She” if you don’t know, which would make me sad) is already an older widow who wears patterned occasion sweaters who writes mysteries and solves them all in one. I think she even switches from using a typewriter to a computer somewhere in the middle of the series.

But anyway, I just like how technology is presented in kids books or shows for the more “mature” demographic.  In the original Hardy Boys series (before the bright blue shiny covers) Frank and Joe actually end up hitchhiking either to or from New York.  And washing dishes at a diner to pay for their meal as arrangement before they ever had the food.  Now, maybe their are places where one can still do that, I’m a naive, sheltered girl, so I just wouldn’t know how.  And it is at least, more likely to be marginally safer for guys (who are big and armed {for protection only of course}) to be able to get away with hitchhiking, but overall, when I read that I was just shocked.  It was just so different from my experience.

Although, I did like the old books for another reason.  The Hardy Boys weren’t always so good at their detecting.  In the original series, I remember a scene where they actually end up locked in a basement or shed by the bad guys and had to be let out by their Aunt Gertrude.  See that’s what kids need to read nowdays…be proactive, but until you have real life skills, it’s best to have someone you can depend on to rescue you.

It’s like my mom used to tell us growing up: you raise a child to adulthood, in otherwords, the entire goal of raising children is to get them out of the house.

Sort of sounds cold in today’s culture.  After all, shouldn’t children be supported and nutured and cared and protected for their happiness?  Well, yes, to a point, but think about it.  Children grow up.  They, before too long, really, become adults.  As my sociology teacher ended up mentioning in class for whatever reason, when you have an infant you respond to their cries immediately. Once they hit three or four months, however, you’re supposed to let them cry for a few minutes before you pick them up, and as they grow older you wait longer, until they are able to understand that they have to wait, and they do understand that.  That’s the point.

The problem with the way parents today parent, they are protecting their kids too much.  Their kids aren’t being taught, essentially, that life sucks.  And by sucks, I mean, does not always go your way.  Which kind of sucks really.  It would make things much easier on me if everything went the way I wanted it to go, but fortunately, I don’t actually expect it.

Well, this post started as a semi-humorous look about older technology from our perspective, and I think I wanted to talk about how the future would see our technology, but apparently it’s kind of become a rant on parenting.  Interesting.


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