Mood Rings

Currently I’m wearing three. Two on my right hand, ring and thumb, and one one my left, pinkie.  They’re all the same color, so at least I can say they’re consistantly made, or something.  Although the two on the right do have a slight shade, that’s because of the type of ring: they’re both bands, with the ‘mood’ part all along, and the left ring is a dolphin and the ‘mood’ is set like a stone.

Are there technical terms for that part?  I suppose I could look it up.

I won’t though, and I hope that doesn’t disappoint anyone, but if you’re online already you may as well google it since I’m feeling too lazy to do so.

I used to think that my mood rings turned purple, and it irriated me that they did because the little cards that came with them never included purple as part of the mood spectrum.  Although I think I found one (from a display in a store, I think) that said purple meant a creative mood.  Whatever that means.  But it’s more likely that I just like to be more specific about my color spectrum than the makers of these cards.  What I would call a deep purple is probably what they would consider a dark blue.  Which purpe really is, it’s just dark blue on the red side really.  If there were more red in the blue it would likely be closer to maroon.

Anyway, dark blue was included on all the cards, and it means very happy/content, at least as far as I recall.  Right now all the rings show dark blue (although the bands, I must insist, are more on the shade of purple, but lets move on.)  So this means one of many things.

One, that currently I’m very happy/content.  I can’t really argue with that.  Excepting the times when I’m hysterical (usually over things that really aren’t that bad) I’m usually in a mood that the rings would register as dark blue or very happy/content.  I personally, would likely have to classify it as delusional–I really should be more concerned over the non-state of my life right now, when I need to find a job, a roommate, and all my classes for next semester.

So the other explanation (by many, I meant two) is that I have a fairly high body temperature (or low, whichever mood rings are supposed to register).  Also, perhaps this indicates why I use so many parethesis to set off my parenthetical comments? But anyway, I also had a little card that was supposed to be a stress measure.  You held your thumb on it, and like mood rings, it changed color, but instead of your mood, it was supposed to measure the level of your stress…beware if it stayed black.  That meant you should have done your homework a long time ago, and now you’re a total loss.  Anyway, I always registered as dark blue there too, which meant calm/relaxed.

Not that far off from very happy/content really. Again, either I’m in a good place most of the time (or delusional) or I’m doing well at keeping a consistant body temperature.

And really, as a side note relating to the differentation of very happy/contend.  That always confused me as a kid because contentment is much calmer emotion than very happy, or so I thought.  But really, now I have to say that true happiness is probably more like contentment that what I used to think, as most people think, of as ‘happy’. What most people now call happiness could really better be called ecstasy (not to be confused with the drug) or joy.

How sad is it that such a wonderful word as “ecstasy,” and it’s meaning, had to be corrupted by people who can’t use the chemicals they were born with to make them ‘happy’.


One thought on “Mood Rings

  1. i heart mood rings. and also hearing that you are happy/content.

    and i do think you’re right with happiness being more of a contentment, getting things settled with e—in that we’re both on the same page, finally—has made me ridiculously happy, in that it’s one less thing to stress over. but this happiness is more contentment than anything else. it’s a comfortableness about life right now, where it feels like you could throw anything at me and i’d be able to catch and juggle it no problem.

    and i don’t think i’ve ever experienced “ecstasy” happiness. i think i’m afraid of it, to tell the truth. i’m afraid of the moments that lead up to that feeling… the waiting for someone to ask you out, or waiting to find out if you’ve won an award. i don’t do well with that at all, and apparently cut out my own “ecstasy” happiness. i’d rather be content than ecstatic, any day of the week.

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