Another short one, on the wind up to finals.

So I like the computer game called “the Sims 2.” (I never know how many people actually know what that is, though it sells very well.) And this game has a very large online community.  A large, dedicated community that also happens to have lots of controversy. Over everything. All. The. Time.

Such controversies are various and sundry, and could not be possibly summarized. At least by me. As for a general overview of the categories of the controversies–at least the one’s I’m personally aware of–I will attempt. Along with outcomes and/or consensus. Again, only so far as I’m aware in my mostly former forum circles.

The official site’s download area is known as the Exchange. Generally unpopular, and according to the cynical, made up of 12 year olds. Because/also it is the first introduction to the Sims community, it is generally looked down on.  Common fault: uploaded by members using custom content created by others, unattributed.

Custom Content (CC): the stuff the community has created to change the game, either for better or worse, depending on who you ask. Major debate: legal or illegal.  Who owns it?  Consensus (mostly) is that the actual creation belongs to the creator, the packaging to EA. Therefore, paying for downloads should be illegal.  Other side argues that creation is creator’s and can be sold regardless. Also, EA does not generally interfere. And community is divided: Pro vs. Free.

Generally, many creators agree (when discussing Sims, make all statements as loose and non-binding as possible) that usually, CC used in other CC should be attributed to original creators. Some disagree, and some don’t care. When this does/does not happen, more controversy.  Related to above issues, some pay content is or is not allowed on certain sites.

Currently, the official forum, called the “BBS,” is head over heels over DRM protection (read: SecuRom or in slang, SucuRom, very much disliked), over-zealous moderators, and ah, ill-informed moderation, as well as many other things. Have often heard participants on that board referred to as “sheeples.”

I spent more time on that than I intended, far more. Only to realize that I don’t think it covered it at all. It’s missing lots. Also, may be inaccurate. But to continue. The Sims community is very large, but also very interconnected. Much of the previous controversies are personal for the top level of participants, as they considered each other online friends, at least until such disagreements erupted.

So anyway, the whole reason I started this post is because recently, I’ve really only been involved in one Sims forum.  It’s a lovely, small forum, very small, perhaps 12 active participants, including moderators. Part of the reason for their friendliness is the isolation from much of the overarching Sims community, and the fact that it relates to the outside world, with ideals other than “how you play the game.”

Being so involved in this forum disconnected me from many of the other communities I used to participate in.  I ventured out today, only to realize that one of the major CC sites had imploded. Violently, and ridiculously. And hilariously. In a horrified sort of way.

I went looking at the CC sites, and realized one major one had disappeared. So I went looking for it.  And, fortunately found Fandom Wank’s summary. Which is good, because the first explanation I stumbled across was in a forum thread over 230 pages long.  So I will link you to the summary. Which you should read, because it is funny. Wrong as that might be.

Attempt at background explanation:

This CC site is called, for short, InSim, and was primarily organized around one major mod or hack of the community. (If you don’t know what that is, google it, because I really don’t know how to explain it.) So anyway, around that hack were many other creations.  The founders of the site were at first active, and then not so much. All of a sudden the site is sold, apparently for several thousand dollars to someone who is not a “gamer.”

I should note at this point that this is entirely online. I have no idea about the reality of the real-world issues/people that may be indicated.

This man says that he likes that there are so many active people on this forum. And that it’s not profitable or efficient. To fix this, he wants another server, and people to subscribe to this site, a mandatory subscription for the “sister” adult site. Not going there.

But anyway. People are mad. Very, very, very mad. As the Fandom Wank says: “one of the most epic wanks ever to befall the Sims 2 community.”

That is all. Read the actual Wank here.

Note Piscado, if you’re not easily offended

Note 2: I should read more Fandom Wank. Extreme fans offended=fun.


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