Rotting Brains

They should totally do crossovers between current series tv shows.  Particularly my favorite shows.  In ways that I would like.

Okay, so maybe that’s only a good idea in my head.  Everyone laments their lost ideas of genius, but most of those, if they are granted a second thought, reveal their weaknesses. I think I was just watching some older series…actually the ones my parents watched when we were younger (not Star Trek, though, more like Diagnosis Murder–and you know one of my favorite parts of that show is the intro song, because it is the main instrument is the clarinet, which is awesome) but it seems like more of those shows have crossovers than they do now. Now the only ones that seem to do it are the ones I don’t like. And never will like.

I really can’t stand Without A Trace, I never really liked it in the beginning, but then it…it just…urgh. I can’t stand it. As I’ve said before (or at least I think I’ve said before–rather written before here, I’m sure I’ve said it before), I have to like the characters of any particular show or movie or book. And many of the current dramas are really just soap operas with crime involved. Somewhere.  Usually it (the crime) is buried somewhere under the sex story line that never really made sense in the first place, as far as I’m concerned, which admittedly is not very far.

Even the shows I do like tip over occasionally, but fortunately have consistently righted themselves.

I don’t know where I was going with this. This post never really had a point, but the whole thing has managed to become a tangent, which means it has no conclusion. It feels unfinished. I don’t like leaving things unfinished because they tend to forever haunt me. However, in this case there really was no point in the first place, and as there was never any introduction, maybe it doesn’t need a conclusion.

This blog is really just a series of glimpses into my thoughts, rather like a stream of consciousness, only not literary, and therefore as illogical and confusing as any real persons conscious thought. So it’s kind of like nothing on it is ever finished, but ideally, one never stops thinking until death. At least.

Deep, right?

I just haven’t had enough sleep. And left the tv on so now The Real Housewives of OC, or whatever it’s called, is playing in the background. It may be having a negative impact on my own thought.

I’m going to have to be more positive. It’s almost Christmas. Really almost, and I keep forgetting. Sad.


2 thoughts on “Rotting Brains

  1. It’s not even one I like. And it’s late.

    You do not want snow. Trust me, here it’s about a foot (total) and another 5-10 in are projected for tomorrow. Snow is cold and wet, and here it comes with screaming wind. And usually tiny icy flakes. But it looks pretty in pictures, so I can take some for you tomorrow 😉

    Merry Christmas!

  2. also on a tangent, but are you as sad as i am that the NCIS episode tonight was a rerun? i get that last week was christmassy and all (it was, wasn’t it? so sad that i can hardly remember now).

    and i told my mom today that it didn’t really feel like christmas at all, but at least you get snow. i wish we had snow. the closest i have right now is watching it snow on your blog.

    sigh. merry christmas!!

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