Lightning Strikes

Lightning is never not awesome–in the fullest sense of the word.


by KrazyKat83 @photobucket

I’ve always enjoyed watching lightning storms, but up here in the high desert they’ve never been particularly spectacular. Very unlike the thunderstorms I experienced in the Midwest–the great forked branches of lightning, seemingly for it’s own sake. No, in the desert it’s much more businesslike: either cloud-to-cloud or cloud-to-ground. Great for starting fires, not much fun to watch.

Last night, however unfortunately, managed to be both. This is the season of lightning, and we are already dealing with several fires. Yesterday’s smoke left the should-be blue skies muddy, and mostly hid the storm clouds on the horizon.

At night the smoke turned the lightning red.  I didn’t see the storm clouds at first, and could see the stars–I wasn’t even thinking lightning when my mom mentioned a red line across the sky way back by the bug station. After half an hour and through the mountain pass the storm was made itself much more obvious. At such times I wish for a better camera.

But the lightning highlighted the bank of clouds and the black line of distant mountains, and turned the sky red through the smoke, while above the stars burned constantly blue.

And we can probably expect more fires. At least the firefighters are already here.


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