Why You Should Carry Your Cellphone

Pouring rain

Originally uploaded by analogtangerine

Killing Time is postponed.

Because I had a bad day, or at least a rough hour, and then never got back on track.

The trouble all started because I decided I had to walk home, instead of getting a ride from my brother. Which wasn’t a bad decision, just an ill-timed one. I needed more exercise and I got it.

I helped check my brother’s spacing of the theater’s marquee, and it started drizzling. Just enough to spot the sidewalk. “Are you sure you want to walk?”

“But of course, it’s just barely dripping.” My sweater can totally stand up to that. And it has a hood.

Two blocks later, the wind was driving the rain sides, and to the east. It wasn’t too bad at first because I was walking along main street and there are buildings along that way. So, not too bad. But then I had to walk into the rain, and it was bad quickly.

The hood on that sweater is awfully small, and I hadn’t even made it to the elementary school and my half-way point and my jeans were plastered to my ankles and it was freezing.

My arms were all numb, so I tried cutting through the field instead of sticking to the trail and got my feet all wet.

Past the school, on the last trail home, I finally acclimated. It was still pouring, but I didn’t notice it so much anymore. With my head down I could count the glittering drops of water falling from my bangs. And when I squeezed the cuffs of my green sweater, I could get a nice stream of water. Good thing I’d already started the laundry at home.

At least it made it easy to find unbroken mahogany obsidian.


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