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Since I still don’t feel much like blogging, mostly because I still haven’t finished any books, I did go to the comedy ‘slam’ tonight. Slam there has single quotation marks around it because don’t actually know what slam is supposed to mean in this context.

Anyway, so the Alturas Community Theater is working towards a new sound system, and has hosted a comedy slam for the past four? years, maybe three. As none of the advertisements seem to mention it, I suppose this must be the first as fundraiser for the theater. Next they will be fundraising for a 3D projector, which I didn’t like to hear as I think they could be focusing on, dare I say, more important things, but to a certain extent, I do think 3D is a fad. Or at least I hope it is, because though I’ve never bothered to see a 3D movie myself, I see way too many movies with several overly long, story-irrelevant scenes that are included for nothing more than to show off the 3D.

Apparently, the comedians are pretty famous, at least in certain circles. You may have heard of them. I had never heard of them, because I am part of very few circles, much less ones that can identify comedians. But here are their bios:

Marc Yaffee

…a co-star of Pow Wow Comedy Jam, seen on the Showtime Comedy Special Goin’ Native: The American Indian Comedy Slam. A former writer for George Carlin’s, Marc’s TV credits also include Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen, the PBS special, Crossing the Line and the Latino Laugh Festival’s Funny is Funny. Marc has also been heard on Sirius XM, the Bob and Tom show and toured five times overseas entertaining U.S. troops.

Adam Stone

As a Native born member of the 50th state, Adam is constantly mistaken for being a member of other races with similar skin tones. He delights in using this platform to bring people of all races together through the healing art of laughter. Adam has been a regular performer at Harrahs and Catch a Rising Star in Reno. he has been seen at the Improv at Lake Tahoe and he is co-founder and President of Standup United, a charity bringing comedy to people in depressed situations.

Rick D’Elia

Originally from Boston, Rick has been a recurring sketch performer on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno whose keen observational humor & quick wit lead him to the finals in the prestigious San Francisco Comedy Competition. Rick has appeared on other TV shows such as Comedy Central’s Stand-up Stand-up, Comedians Unleashed, Grand Slam Comedy Jam, National Lampoon’s Funny Money and Starz/Encore’s West Coast Comedy. He has headlined clubs all across the county and entertained our troops in Japan, Korea, Italy, Bahrain, and Germany.

I just stole those straight from the program, so…

The show was funny. At least I was laughing, so I’m kinda assuming that as comedians they fulfilled their purpose. What’s that quote? “Explaining humor is like dissecting a frog…” and I forget the punchline. Which is why I’m less than inclined than to try to talk about why the show was funny or anything, and why, I hope, I rather don’t have much to say about it at all.

Of course, this being Alturas, not only did they do what I am assuming is their ‘typical’ routine, but each pointed out how tiny the town is and how tiny the theater and how tiny the audience. It’s too bad they weren’t there for the movie, or they might have realized they had a pretty good turn out. Not that I minded the tiny jokes, though, it’s just that we’ve made them all ourselves before.

Oh, and I forgot that at the end, Rick D’Elia and Adam Stone bantered and sang parodies of popular songs and played guitars as “Hits & Giggles”. They were selling cds and giving 50% proceeds to charity, but I don’t have any money and so had to forgo that further expense. Anyway, for most of their songs they had to share a microphone because the other died. So the general manager-brother jumped on stage and held out the wireless one for Rick. Then Adam got jealous, and other brother come out to hold his. The two comedians found this hilarious. I found that amusement appropriate, as the brothers are pretty much born showmen in their own right.


One thought on “Alturas Comedy Slam

  1. Yeah, 3d movies are way overrated. Sounds like the ‘slam’ (I always think of this to refer to poetry slam though) was funny/ The closest I’ve ever been to a comedy show is the skit Dave Chappele did on Nutty Professor.

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