900 Miles an Hour

After having to make an emergency dentist appointment four hours away and setting off at 5:30 in the morning for a day trip, one has many thoughts.

For instance: how fast would you have to go to outrun the sunrise? Dawn doesn’t even start until after six, and full morning seemed to overtake us quickly, so I asked my co-driver brother if it was possible. When he’d run through some interesting mathematics based on time zones, he came up with the number above.

In the interests of transparency, do you think the government would lend us an experimental airplane to test that theory?

Once in the dentist’s chair, the entire appointment took all of half an hour. At most. So we set out straight back, because naturally the nine full hours we’d put for this wouldn’t count as a full day anywhere else.

And it’s a matter of discipline to keep this blog going even when I have nothing coherent to say, and forgot entirely that it’s the even day. I think odd-numbered days haven’t been long enough recently, not quite sure how that works. But I don’t seem to write as well on odd-numbered days; hence, what happened the first few days of September.

On the plus side, at least I figured out a way to get pictures off my phone. ^


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