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I’ve started getting a little better at using my planners (yes, that’s plural). Which is good, when everything starts piling up. It’s not really that I have so much to do, although I’m getting there.

Turns out, play practice even only three times a week is still kinda a lot. But, being that it’s in the afternoons, it doesn’t conflict with subbing, or the library, and usually I know eight weeks in advance when my next dentist appointment is. In other words, schedule conflicts aren’t really an issue. Even I can remember one or two set days a month.

But in trying to get a life, even in the middle of nowhere, I’m having to remember more than one or two days. And having to plan out each week in advance.

This is something I could have done in school, but didn’t. Memorize all the paper and test dates in the beginning of the semester, and that’s maybe four or so per class—it wasn’t a particular challenge, and one could always refer to the syllabus. Even then, it got announced in class. I never could figure out how to forget anything when all I had to deal with were classes, or internship, or work/study. There’s just so much redundancy built into the system. Ha.

But working primarily on my own, and even more, in my room, there isn’t a lot of backup. The school secretaries give me one call, and I’d better know then if I can make it. And I’ve been getting a lot of calls so far (this is a good thing). And the library is always there, but almost not, because as a volunteer, it’s okay when I can’t get in. If only I remember to call. Play practice is the newest, but at least it’s regular, and I still have to make time for all the freelance projects I take on.


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Extracurriculars. When I have, and had more, all this time on my hands, I didn’t do nearly enough of it. As stuff piles on, this is when I feel I want to catch up. Drawing, writing, correspondence, exercise, catching up on favorite tv shows…they all take time. And are rather hard to schedule when you want to wait for inspiration.

This blog sorta counts as an extracurricular, but is also an obligation. Because I’ve decided to post every other day, and have to come up with things like this because I’m really too tired to try writing about anything serious I’d have to think about. Committing to the posting without committing to the writing wasn’t my brightest idea, and whatever readers find it are the ones to suffer. (I would say I wouldn’t read my blog, but I do occasionally, and even find it amusing, if not particularly good.)

And you know, filling up the extra hours with reading makes sure there’s far less time for anything else. It’s amazing how much time that takes. There’s never enough to finish everything—wait, that’s related to the topic I’m waiting to do right.

But having a planner is good. I found one with the actual times written in. Theoretically, I could fill in the spaces around the times of the obligations with all the stuff I want to get done. Which, actually I do sometimes. I just don’t read them again. Still they’re there. And since I’m getting to a point where I have to look at my planner on a fairly regular basis, maybe I will get to use them.


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