Save the United States Post Office!

There really isn’t much to say here, because when it comes to the United States Postal Service, anyone reading this is going to be in a position of profound helplessness.

I simply want to clarify all those headlines about the measures the USPS headquarters takes to ‘save money’. It’s not because the post office is obsolete. It’s not even because the post office is losing money.

FYI: It’s Congress’s fault.

Now, Congress is at fault for a great many things, but when it comes to the Post Office, it’s almost entirely due to that august body’s shear idiocy. For one thing, it owes the Post Office some $50 billion.  Because the USPS was required to provide some 75 years of pensions. Or something. You know what? It doesn’t even matter, because nothing will be done about this.

I simply find it profoundly disappointing that the one success even tangentially related to the government has been destroyed. Nationalistic pride may be a national flaw (or something), but once upon a time, the USPS handled 40 percent of the world’s mail, and I think that was pretty cool.

Maybe Congress got jealous?

Whatever the reason, please just consider that the next time you make fun of the local post office. Remember: not too long ago, it was a very successful business, and even now you take how much it does for granted. And remember, it’s Congress’s fault. Next time, please vote.


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