Breaking News: Akin is a Moron (No, really!)

Usually I try not to mention anything even involving politics because there’s no possibility of real discussion on the internet, but then I remembered I posted three times last week that I wasn’t going to apologize for having opinions anymore. Nevertheless, this post isn’t about my political beliefs, but about the general stupidity of what passes for ‘political discourse’ in this country.

Much as I love words, I don’t think talking any more about Todd Akin will accomplish anything.

What he said was stupid, absurd, and awful. There you go. That’s all that needs to be said. The continued coverage as though it goes any further than that implies there is room for debate. There isn’t. What he said was WRONG in every way.

And you know what? He’s trying to get elected. What’s the solution?


That’s why we have a system of representative government. So when an idiot wants to be in charge you can tell him no. Or ‘over my dead body’.

I saw a clip of an interview he did on GMA this morning and apparently all he wanted to say was that he didn’t like abortion? Not sure how he even got from one to the other, but whatever. That was the political opinion, and you don’t have to vote for him either.

Only Missourians can keep him out of office. So there’s no room for national outrage unless he is elected to the Senate. Then maybe the rest of use could call our Senators and tell them not to vote for anything he puts forward, especially if it’s anything related to humanity (I don’t know his position on infrastructure, but considering science knows pretty well how pregnancy works and he hasn’t a clue, I wouldn’t trust that either).

Why is everyone worried? Because no one votes.

Fifteen percent of eligible voters voted in California in the primaries. 15% Admittedly, this is because there’s almost no point in voting during the primaries in California because of whoever decided that they shouldn’t be all on the same day and by the time it gets here we don’t really have a choice. But we still have the largest population…maybe we could get it changed. If anyone actually voted.


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