Tethered to Technology

I’m pretty sure I had a great idea in mind for a post

or at least a decent one.

But my brand new writing computer just came in the mail, and the greatest measure of my conscience intelligence is devoted to squee!  Which is admittedly not a great use for such a complex organ like the mind—but it’ll go away soon enough, if not when I happen to be using this computer for the next couple weeks.

Recently I read an article about the overuse of the em dash in much writing now days, and so I’ve noticed my usage. It hasn’t slowed me down yet. Especially on this blog I over use it, mostly because it’s very much a conversational style, and I’m constantly interrupting myself.

Back to the computer. I already have two, I know. And I’m not giving them up, as the desktop is the workhorse and the brick that sounds like a jet engine has just given me too many years of faithful service and still carries a great many files I don’t feel like organizing or facing directly for me to be willing to give it up.

And I just got interrupted by a call center insisting our “Windows 7 computer” is sending their service server malicious files. And during every pause in the call, I could hear all these other phone calls. Also, they couldn’t say which computer, considering we have at least three Windows 7 computers in the house. They couldn’t tell me which file it was, or where to find the problem…no, they had to fix it for me. And it’s not mine, because this computer hadn’t even arrive yet, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t attacking them from the UPS truck.

Is it just me, or is that suspicious?

Actually, it isn’t, because even my mom who doesn’t use computers knew perfectly well the situation was odd. It was so funny, I answered the third phone call (yes, third) and every time I asked a question “umm, umm… let me transfer you to my supervisor.” He couldn’t help either so I just passed the phone to my Dad. He yells better than I do.

So anyway, despite two computers, I did have a reason for getting this one. Primarily, I wanted a computer to write one, something I could take to work, the coffee shop, wherever. For one thing I’d really like to just go out in the world and write, and I type far faster than my longhand. Technically, the brick is a laptop, but it’s so loud, so obsolete, and it takes so long to start it doesn’t work like one.

First world problems ahoy!

But I saved up forever for this, and when I go out of town I can use it to find jobs and keep up my job search, which has been a problem, and I’d saved up, paid out-of-pocket. That’s what it’s important to me. I can’t wait to leave this town, but in the meantime, I’ll be able to write, to have that release of tension, untangle my thoughts.


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