Piles and Piles of Unfinished Books

English: A child watching TV.

English: A child watching TV. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I got home from work, watered the plants, and turned on “Say Yes to the Dress.”

Which, sure, the only thing it has going for it above other reality shows is pretty dresses, but there are equally obnoxious people. At least there’s usually one per bride.

Anyway, that’s probably why I’m not reading.

After all, it’s easier to not think. Especially as it’s on as I’m trying to write this post. It’s just a little hard to focus when following the three different stories and all the meanness. This is why I don’t even stop on most reality shows even out of curiosity: shows about dresses usually have happy ends (at the very least, weddings) and cruelty is discouraged.

Much as I love reading, I’ve only been able to get about half-way through any one of my books before picking up another. As if, once I’ve put them down they are no longer compelling enough.

I suppose I’m just restless. There really wasn’t anything today that I’ve managed to focus on long enough to give my thoughts any direction, organization.

During college, at least, assignments gave me a reason to make sure I could clarify my thoughts. I still respond to everything I read—no matter how disparate the subject matter, most books relate somehow: after all, they’re all, in one way or another, about humanity.

Not being an alien, that gives me a common reference!

Page from an incunable of Valerius Maximus, Fa...

Page from an incunable of Valerius Maximus, Facta et dicta memorabilia, printed in red and black by Peter Schöffer (Mainz, 1471) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So while I can’t not respond to what I’m reading, and keep a notebook just so I have somewhere to keep all the notes when I’m not actually defacing the pages with my marginalia, but I don’t have any thing to focus on. There’s nothing in particular I’m looking for, no argument I have to make.

This is why I need to start finishing these books. Once I finish, I can get back to reviewing on Goodreads. Maybe I should start reviewing story by story from <i>The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2011</i>

Although there are only so many ways to say “all zombie stories sound the same.”

reality television

reality television (Photo credit: the|G|™)

P.S. One comment about one reality show, and now they want me to like to Kim Kardashian. NO. No matter how many hits I’d get. 


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