In Google I Trust Not

Because I’m constantly online, or feels at that way, I often find interesting articles. Especially on the humor site Some of their posts are funnier than others (:0), but I wanted to respond to this one, because it reminded me of another article I read and wanted to respond to ages ago (sorry, no link).

5 Reasons You Should Be Scared of Google

First of all, most of this is: “well, duh?”

It’s like the article I read, where a commentator of Google’s collecting everyone’s wireless info while mapping exclaimed that he could no longer trust Google implicitly.

Why would you in the first place? I mean, really. It’s like they say, there’s nothing private on the internet. That’s kind of the point.

And if our government uses Google products? Well, that’s just *headdesk*, because that is seriously ridiculous. For one, there’s no privacy on the internet, thing, and that would seem a little important to me, especially federal agencies.

As for their “Don’t be evil” slogan, the author of the cracked article implies that people accepted that as a business practice instead of the obvious “we’re a corporation devoted to making money, but we hope to not be as evil as most corporations are while doing so.” Seems reasonable to me.

I still like Google. I still use Chrome. (I search using GoodSearch because I can support my local library). I won’t use the ex-Google shopping anymore, because it’s gone the money-driven route, or so it was last I heard.

No, I don’t trust Google. I tolerate them. I use many of their products. Mostly, I tolerate the internet: my access comes from corporations and that’s the way it is.

What, do you want to leave it to the government? There’s a yikes. As long as Google is making money through their “Don’t Be Evil” slogan, they have popular support, which makes them money. With that kind of commitment, they’re still one of the best bets online.



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