Winning Over Sherlock Holmes: with a Digression into Copyright

I just won The Consulting Detective Trilogy Part I: University!* Quite an unwieldy title, but it’s basically a Sherlock Holmes prequel (or possibly a prequel to another novel by this author, which I haven’t read). Hopefully what little I know about this story is enough to start with it, and I’m not a canon fanatic, so if it’s not strictly “accurate” (whatever that means in a fictional universe) I’ll still enjoy it just fine.

I love Sherlock Holmes pastiches. If ever there’s an argument for taking traditional copyrights from corporations and giving them back to lifetime of the author, I think Sherlock Holmes is it.

If the main stories hadn’t come into the public domain, we wouldn’t have BBC’s Sherlock, which despite its issues is a fantastic update. There wouldn’t be House and I know many of you love that show. There’d be no The Great Mouse Detective which is the best steampunk with talking animals I know. No Robot Watson!

Sherlock Holmes, whatever his creator thought of him, has inspired so much scholarship, so much creativity, it’s draining to imagine how much thinner our culture would be if current copyright length started before Doyle.

* has a giveaway feature, where authors and publishers can offer free copies of their books to GR users for publicity.


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