I watch Good Mo…

I watch Good Morning America.

It’s the only “news” television I can watch. Admittedly, there’s not much news, but really, there’s not much news on any channel—though at least it’s better researched when going on screen than going on the internet: ah, what we’ll sacrifice for “newness”.

That doesn’t mean that GMA is any more palatable than the rest. For example, right now there’s a segment on young women going back to college with plastic surgery because they’re not comfortable with their bodies. So sad. (Sympathies for the woman going for a reduction, because too-large breasts can cause problems.) But going larger is just because the media seems to think women should fit in one mold. Which no. Even if I lost, say 70 pounds, I’d still be shaped wrong. 

At least that’s a story though. Vanity Fair came out with a story about Scientology supposedly finding a wife for Tom Cruise. Whatever, right? But this is the third morning in a row (that I’ve seen) where they were talking about it. They probably started on Monday. How pointless can you get? The story’s been done, by Vanity, and they’ve already talked about it. However horrible it might be if the story is true, it doesn’t need to be on television this often.

I’ll keep watching GMA, because it’s on in the morning. Doesn’t mean it won’t give me plenty to complain about.  



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