Today, on a whi…


Today, on a whim, I invited my brother to lunch.

And I wasn’t going to stay, but just take it back to lunch, but he just got the Google Nexus and I wanted to see it.

Meh, more technology. I’m not much of a tablet person, since I love typing too much to every make do without a keyboard.

Anyway while we were sitting there, we saw a couple of horses harnessed to a trailer across the street. While we have many horses in town and plenty of people ride through town, but they aren’t usually on the road. Not that it made me forgive the guy who raced right by in his Escalade.


It turns out there’s a pretty cool story there.

His name is Bob Skelding and he’s touring the country in horse-drawn wagons—will modern amenities. Aside from the heat and the sheer space between communities up here, it would be fun.

I guess he’s not the only one who’s done this sort of thing. I’m not sure who else does it, but my brother said he’s seen a similar set up. We do have a significant Mennonite community. And for one of the anniversaries for the Applegate Trail, we had a traditional wagon train came through.

Still, up here, you get excited by anything different.



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