Just One College Class Tells Me This Is Wrong

Every time I see another story or mention of the attacks in the Middle East, it’s always “because of the anti-Muslim video.”

I’m sorry, but that’s ridiculous, and they need to stop using it as an explanation, or worse, excuse, for everything going on over there. It may have been a catalyst for this specific outbreak of violence, and I’m sure it is a particularly offensive film (having not seen it).

However, there is so much cultural history and modern conflict one film can only barely be relevant. The media using it as a shorthand for all the history of warfare and dictatorship and imperialism…well, I find it rather offensive.

Not that I’ve done much research, I know.

So I’m not trying to say what really is going on, or why it’s happening. I just know it’s from more than just one video. Nothing is ever that simple, and presenting it to the already ignorant public as though all the rioters have nothing better to do than watch YouTube is even more irresponsible.

Not that I’m excusing the violence, either. Much of it sounds more like mob mentality than anything as specific as a protest. I just wish it were acknowledged that there are no easy answers and that’s why there’s a problem.

Okay, I don’t have the expertise or knowledge to comment on the wherefores or the hows. But our televised media is problematic enough in their so-called news coverage, I would like to see at least this one change made. Sure, we’re in the days of the sound-byte; fine, worry about the ratings and bottom line; but deleting one short phrase would fix so much of this issue.

Don’t tell the people you know why this is happening. If you did, someone(s) could push the delete button and it’d be sunshine and roses.

Humor: all our future ambassadors during such protests should be Mormon. “This is what you do when people are making fun of your religion.”*

Greater Middle East

Greater Middle East (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

*Please note, I do not advocate making fun of any religion. It’s just tacky and unnecessary. However, it’s also pretty common. If you don’t accept it, you’re in for a lot of anger, and probably going to kill people. That’s generally not good.


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