Writing Without Any Help

In this post, I aim to not use the verbs “is” or “be”—unless otherwise impossible.

That includes editing every sentence so far to avoid it: especially “is” (and it took at least four tries for this sentence alone). Since I made myself this challenge, all other topic ideas flew out of my head. But I will try to think of something.

One note on the “be” verb: It can function as a helping verb for the more complex tenses, like the past progressive. As part of the challenge however, I want to avoid it too. Avoiding the “am” form of “to be” also gives me great trouble. Now, you can’t rely on just the grammar check offered by WordPress, because it can be quirky. English dropped the umlaut on the first “e” of “create” I don’t know how long ago, but WordPress wanted me to put it back.

Many of my posts still show up blue, mostly because my propensity toward hidden verbs—because “to be” and “have” make my cowardice and laziness so easy. Lazy because I would rather not rewrite, and cowardice because I like to tangle my syntax to avoid owning my own opinions.

I rely too heavily on the “I” instead of narrative, but can’t try avoid that as well.

Despite the weaknesses of my prose, I feel quite accomplished for today. I think it worked.

As my brother said (though he edited his ideas too, as the first two used ‘be’ forms): “Post THIS, suckas!”

And now: I am tired.


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