Ideas and Imaginings


Waking up slowly in the morning is one of my favorite times, though I rarely have the luxury. It’s just too easy to stay up late, and wake up to the alarm.

But I do hate falling asleep slowly. Not so much a problem with insomnia, but I suffer from a surplus of ideas I simply can’t get down anywhere as they don’t come when the lights are on.

And they’re always my best ideas. I write very well in my head. The ideas just come to quickly to write down, especially since they’re mostly images and untranslatable, and they work best when I don’t slow them down. Once I try writing (or even typing) them, they’re nowhere near as vivid, as engaging.

This is clearly, in part, my brain just tricking me.

I just wish I could get them out of my head to confirm it. Because they seem to be good ideas. I can even edit them as I’m lying there, revising for characterization and flow. That’s not something I’m good at when awake.

And it happens when I nap too.

I don’t actually like napping, but lately I get home from work, make it to my bed, and crash until about 7. I don’t sleep well during these periods…just sort of hover in a mostly asleep state that still produces somewhat controlled dreams. Admittedly, these dreams have weaker logic and more surreal premises. But they always feel like they could work, if only I could keep them in mind enough, completely enough to write them down.

Like most dreams, though, they fade as I wake up. And with so many other things going on late at night I forget to even try to remember.

Ah well. Perhaps someday I will bet my discipline in line with my desires. I do love writing. There are just too many distractions. And while reading provides inspiration and is somewhat easier, television and the internet require much less and are so easy.

Anyone know a cheap writer’s retreat? Or even a box without internet access.

Yes. A box might work (especially if it’s dark).



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