Another (Short) Take on Politics

In this case, very short.


Because I’m not watching the Vice President debate.


Honestly, I meant to. First I had to finish taking my notes from The Googlization of Everything, because it gave me so much to talk about and it was absolutely due today. By the time I got back from the library, the debate had started.


At that point, even though I saw not even a minute’s worth, it was clear the moderator wasn’t doing any moderating. And I heard Biden claim that although Ryan was surely generous with people (not the best time for sarcasm) he wasn’t very generous to the car companies! Umm. Biden, you should know I consider people rather more important than  ‘supporting’ an industry. That’s about all then. I had to eat dinner.


Vice President of the United States John C. Ca...


Afterward…well. I heard a bit more. Let’s just say the moderator hadn’t gotten any better, and Biden, frankly, was being a jerk. He showed himself completely incapable of waiting through a discussion, which is just impolite…to say the least. It’s a debate, not an argument on the street. The point is to educate the public, even if it’s just those who will listen, not just create sound bites. Considering the provocation, Ryan seemed to be handling it well. Like I said, I didn’t watch much of the “debate.” So much for the lovely first debate between Obama and Romney; I agree with Ben Stein’s assessment  it was probably one of the most dignified and sincere in recent times. It looks like that’s over now.

Sigh. Can you imagine genuine discourse anymore? I’m not sure I can.


Snark Alert! My brother pointed out Biden smiles like the devil himself in Reaper. That particular version is terribly affable, but still terrible. Biden, you’re creep’n me out.




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