Waking up to news that the VP debate was considered a ‘draw’ with a good showing from all was something of a disappointment.

I heard Biden being praised for being “aggressive and energetic” which rallied the democrats. Where is the value in that? The debates are not the verbal equivalent of cage matches, and accomplished nothing more than further polarizing of the parties is nothing to celebrate.

But no, the soundbites are in fact substituted for actual discourse, real conversations. Holding a so-called debate ought to be educational, for the voters by definition. Voters have the responsibility to not arbitrarily accept what they’re told, but to question. Have you ever heard the phrase “vote principle, not party”? It’s hardly a new idea, yet clearly it has to be reiterated. Not one television commentator mentioned the distraction for what it was. While that may be the nature of TV, that’s still the place where most people are getting any information at all. I still think reporters have some responsibility, even if they refuse to actually practice journalism.




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