A Change in Times

I did not post yesterday.

That’s the first since I decided on daily posts that I missed, which is disappointing, if only to myself. Not because I was sick, I’m healthy enough, if still a little congested. Not because I was busy—this is still small, narrow-minded USA after all. (That’s a little unfair, after all I just heard about a twice-monthly writer’s meetup.) No, I just…didn’t make it. Remembered that I should post about 6 pm, and didn’t think of it again until a quarter after midnight.

It’s just as well, what with NaNoWriMo coming up. And funny too, because it’ll be Tuesday and Thursday posts.

But I would have rather announced the change in schedule, as a matter of discipline. Funny that the post about NaNo was the one to end on, before my unintended break. But with 1667 words a day for the month, the posts here would get even shorter and I’d have to entirely surrender my tl;dr byline. And I’d so hate to do that  I also have a few fan fiction stories I want to work on at the same time (because I’m nothing if not ambitious), so keeping up a coherent blog won’t be my priority.

Slowing down the schedule a bit has actually been the plan for a while. I may have managed posting every day, but I don’t feel they’ve been as strong as they were before. This will give me more time to come up with an idea and develop it properly, instead of simply pecking at the keyboard while trying to watch Restaurant Impossible or worse, the news. That way just dilutes my focus and gives me far too many things to talk about.

I’m trying to take it as seriously as the Multicultural Lit class, way back when, where every blog post counted for a grade. And I really don’t want to get too naval-gazing, it’s unpleasant for everyone.

Besides, I know I have plenty to say, and I keep posting bits and pieces of my ideas before they’re articulated, and only afterward do I realize what I actually wanted to say. Of course figuring out connections between unrelated posts after the fact can give me new ideas, but  I’d like to have more time to properly develop them. Get several drafts in, do some proper editing and arranging before hitting the publish button. Maybe I’ll be able to learn something. And if I actually understand what I’m talking about, maybe I can even teach something to others. Keeping up this blog would feel so much less self-indulgent.

For example, the post I promised weeks ago, regarding my thoughts on the uselessness of education as a thing. Suffice to say, while I may be willing to play the devil’s advocate in a philosophical, academic (heh) debate, trying to compose such an argument during a political campaign makes me supremely uncomfortable.

Especially as, just a day or so after I’d decided to write such a post, I had to visit my former university’s website to learn more about my program having been suspended. California had one of the best university systems in the world for years. The complete and utter degradation of the same is, in my mind, as near to the scale of the destruction of our own economy. There should be far more support higher education in this country and I cannot express my disappointment in how it’s been handled over the past few years. So. You can surely see why I don’t want make even the most theoretical comment on the topic. God forbid, someone would take me seriously, and I just don’t feel up to the discussion.

On the other hand, I’ve also been meaning to write a very mean review for City of Bones by Cassandra Clare on Goodreads. It’s a book with a large, devoted, less-than-rational fanbase. Don’t get me wrong, most people who like the series seem to be perfectly rational, intelligent people. Unfortunately, the vocal minority are, shall we say, less than a stellar representation of humanity. Like with TwilightHouse of Night, Fifty Shades of Grey heck, even Harry Potter, some of its greatest fans tend to make one question the value in humanity. Unlike Twilight however, while City of Bones drives me up the wall during the reading, it makes me less objectively angry. At least, that’s the case more than a year after I read the thing. At any rate, I look forward to getting my first trolls for that review, though it may be too long after publication and hype to get much attention. 

So. That’s the news. I’m writing this in a cafe a booth over from two nearly unsupervised boys who are getting more and more hyperactive. Starting next week, I’m only going to post on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and hopefully it’ll be a little more organized from here on out. Wish me luck!



Are you ever startled by technology?


English: This is a photo of a room full of com...

English: This is a photo of a room full of computers all showing the same windows error message at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


As mentioned before, I bought a new computer that runs Windows 7. It’s my first with that operating system, so even now I’m getting used to it. There are plenty of features I don’t use, mostly because I don’t know what I’d use them for. Surely they’re plenty useful for many people.


Like the way I can apparently connect to other computers.


Why did I just install My Book Live? What is My Book Live? And why is one named Twonky?


(seriously, if you know what it is, please tell me)


But most of the links are to family members’ computers that I have no business being in—on? At any rate, I think my brothers especially would prefer me to keep out (although I think I’m allowed to watch their movies).


I still can’t find where it installed the driver for my phone. This may be because I still have a flip phone: it’s so much nicer, why do all these people like touch screens? Anyway, my computer did find me a driver for it, which the other computer couldn’t do, but apparently it doesn’t actually do me any good to have the driver.


Anyway, I only found the network and sharing center while looking for my device driver. Don’t you ever think it’s a little creepy how much computers want to talk to each other before you even ask them to?


So much for my planned argument that education is pointless!


Don’t worry, though, I’m still working on it. Education: always a fun topic.


Why else would teachers strike by not teaching at all? (If they really wanted to make a point, the Chicago teachers should have said they wouldn’t proctor the standardized tests.)


Help, I’m Trapped Online and I Can’t Get Off!

sleep disorder

Heh, it's called "Sleep Disorder"

So I’m up too late again, if only because I didn’t quite get enough sleep last night after watching Inception (after setting it up) but could only do so after going to play practice, and Inception is a very long movie. Once you get past the first hour and a half, it’s compelling, interesting story! And then I woke up too early after a fabulous dream, and although I might have been able get back to it enough to remember exactly why it was so fabulous, I was called in to sub for PE.

I remember I didn’t like PE in school. If I had to do high school over again knowing what I know now, I’d be much better at it, but I’d never be in that situation in the first place. I don’t have a high-school soul. Not like the Cullens.

Anyway, I got home. And subbing is always tired, I don’t know how teachers aren’t perpetually unconscious. So I got online, although only after finishing an art thing for my friend (yay me, I got something done!). Anyway, then I got online, and then I ended up on tvtropes.org, which just linked and linked and linked and now I have way too many tabs to catch up on when I’m not trying to write a blog post while falling asleep at the keyboard.

At least I’ve learned many interesting things.

For instance, that the only reason they could show her bellybutton was because Roddenberry got the censor drunk.


It’s been awhile since I last posted here, so I thought I’d better do so before I dropped it completely. It may not be something that is in any way an important part of my life…although perhaps I’m not giving it enough credit, because I care enough to continue…but it is an outlet, and depending on how comfortable I get, eventually, it may be an important outlet.

I thought I might try to sell my old textbooks on Amazon.com. I’ve mentioned the idea to several people, and usually I get the response that it’s okay (“okay” is spelled out, according to me–the etymology isn’t known anyway, so I may as well. So there), but as English majors, it’s a responsibility to keep all those anthologies.  For the poems you know.  But here’s a secret.  I never, ever look at them. Ever.  If I really want to look up a poem, I tend to go online.  I just prefer it.

Also, one of them I got on accident and couldn’t return.  In some cases I will keep the occasional anthology, but not seven or ten of them; I simply don’t need that many.  And I may not go into a proper “English” career anyway, or one where they could even conceivable come in useful, or more useful than Google. I’m a fan of Google, not so much Yahoo!. (Is the exclamation mark included?).  There may be more on that later.  Without these anthologies, I still have enough books to hold down the bookcases, so the only thing the do is gather dust.  The poor things are probably suffering from an existential crisis.  Books should be read, even once, and I don’t think I even read them in the first place.  (An unfortunate fact–many teachers seem to like assigning books that may only have one reading in, and then not assign that reading. Tear.) I have no attachment.  Others seem to, and it works for them.  But I’ll be different!  Right?  Uniqueness is good, most English majors seem inclined to keep there anthologies; I’ll be different and give mine away.

I can’t see where my blinker is. Blinker? The little cursor thing that’s supposed to tell me where I’m writing? It’s not there, and I’m slowly going nuts.  There might be confusion later in this post. Don’t blame me. It’s the blinker.

I posted one my books.  I almost feel bad admitting it was not an anthology after that.  It’s a history textbook, one I actually rather liked. But I seriously doubt it will be looked at either.  There is now another Latin America textbook on sale at Amazon (or there should be) and I’m still not entirely sure what this means for me, other than it must be shipped two days after I get the order. Should there be one. The only problem is that I don’t have any rating there so I don’t know if anyone would buy it should they see it, or want it.  The book is only one edition behind, maybe that’s a good thing.

Editions in textbooks ought to be banned.  Okay, not banned, especially since the textbook about is modern Latin America focused. Extra chapters are necessary.  Sometimes information ought to be changed.  But for literature and math (and likely many other subjects) books, a new edition is not needed every dang year.  It’s absurd, especially when the price goes up from one edition to the next. And don’t show me those silly little graphs that “prove” that all that money goes somewhere important, and really isn’t that overpriced, in fact it’s only just enough to live in–not even that! I don’t believe it.  Everyone knows what Benjamin Disraeli may have said on that subject.*

Back to amazon.  I’m a fan of Amazon, too.  Not so much the seller aspect, ’cause I just posted, and don’t exactly know what’s going on (I read the legal stuff…maybe that’s my problem). But I very much like the Wish List part.  Not so much because I expect anyone to get me anything off there, or even look at it.  I put everything on my wish list. Every time I find something interesting, I click that button.  Not that I would object to anyone getting me something from my wish list, but I wouldn’t want them to take it seriously.  For instance, I have a few $100 textbooks on there.  Just because they sounded interesting (though they probably aren’t). There are a few things that I really would like: a book about Terry Pratchett and a dvd about Sherlock Holmes made in the ’70s–oh and a collection of the Sherlock Holmes series with Jeremy Brett.  The first is over $300, the second is just under $100 (though I think the price has gone down a little, actually) and the last is over $200 (unless it’s at Costco for $149).  Those are actually “wishes,” although the series I may get whenever I may someday afford it.

So who wants to read this much about amazon?  I got ahead of myself again. (The blinker reappeared.) The end.  I don’t want to spend more than half an hour talking about amazon.  I’d hate to be weird. Well–not totally nuts anyway–half an hour is enough to make me weird–but that’s okay, I think it’s like “unique.”

*”There are lies, damned lies and statistics.” It could have been good old Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens, too.  Depends on who you ask, I think. Like statistics.

P.S. The reason these posts get so long is because my mind is very good at association, and all those ‘links’ sound like good ideas.  So I discuss them. …beware