The Dreaded Friendzone

So my brother was going to write this as a guest post on my blog, but we couldn’t figure it out.

I’d heard of “Nice Guy Syndrome,” where jerks pretend to be nice temporarily to get sex. My brother writes from the perspective of a guy who is nice, but bears the fallout.


Oh my goodness.

Have you ever been lead on? Lead on for months? Or years? And then suddenly, when you have an opportunity to take the lady out, she responds with; a) “you are just a friend,” b) “hey, can I invite (insert dude’s name here)?” or c) “actually, there’s this girl I wanted you to meet, I’ll invite her too!” ?

Everyone who has, say it with me. GAH!

Welcome to the Friendzone

Let me be specific. I’m an actual nice guy. I’m not a guy who has spent months pretending to be nice, just to sleep with a woman. I actually want a meaningful relationship with a gal who has similar interests. I even want to remain celibate until marriage (gasp).

There are reasons to friendzone someone, and I understand them (and even used those reasons).

My biggest complaint with the friendzone is when I approach someone as…

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