Mini Update

NaNoWriMo isn’t going all that well. Just up to a little over 19000 words today, which is still a couple thousand under. And then there’s tomorrow. I’d like to catch up, but it’s so much easier writing somewhere else, where distractions don’t feel as acceptable.

Also, I’m back to obsessing over White Collar, the television show, and then the fan fiction of it, mostly because I have some great fan fiction ideas for White Collar which would be so much easier than trying to figure out this original novel thing I am at this moment attempting to work on. Like, White Collar, it has a genre, and I know the characters—as much as one can know a character as depicted by an actor, because at that point the character exists for so many people: the writer, the director and only then the actor. It makes for a fascinating (to me) philosophical discussion, but not really one useful otherwise. Maybe if I go into the philosophy of theater I can use it as a thesis. If that is already your goal, I may allow you to steal it so I don’t have to do the work.

But still, given my understanding and familiar with television show characterization and all attending issues, I can make do. Writing a new plot turns out to be the easy part, though I’ve always said it’s what I have the most trouble with. I suppose that’s because knowing the characters (however possible) and the setting and the genre. There’s already even a style there to build from.

This novel thing? At best the genre is a fantasy/dystopia*/magical realism and unfortunately even I don’t know exactly what that means, which is no good, given I’m the one writing it. In theory, I should have control over this sort of thing. And most of my characters don’t have names: even those who do only have place holder titles. One has just been dubbed O until I can think of something better. Also plot is hard. I have the beginning fairly down, and last week it seemed brilliant. This week, while I still have hope for the beginning I’m not convinced it’s possible to make it go anywhere.

Oh well, if I do ever manage to make it until the end of the month, I can go from there. At least I’ll have somewhere to start. It’s like discovering a new genus. I don’t have the full shape yet, so I can’t even start thinking of the connections to everything else.

*and google wants me to correct that to ‘topiary,’ which wouldn’t not fit either.


P.S. Can I add this to my word count?



Monday’s moon over Modoc County, taken just about 7 am. Not when I expected to see it.

For personal reasons, posting today isn’t going to work out.

And then I got all the ranting I wanted to do with my family—for once we were (nearly) all in the same room, so now it’s all out of my system. Which doesn’t leave much for me to talk about now.

I will say I’ve been getting some creative writing done: not much, but far more than I have in months. Maybe it’ll help with November.

Right this moment I’m watching NCIS. Yes, it’s your fairly stand police procedural drama, but it has humor and eccentric characters. I love it like woah*. And I remember telling my brother about how annoyed I was about the denial Tony fangirls have (like fangirls in many other fandoms) that he has any flaws whatsoever, and for some reason hate McGee. Since I think both characters’ best scenes are where they play off each other, I’m rather unforgiving of that attitude. So I ranted about it at my brother, and though he hasn’t watched nearly as much of the show as I have, he immediately came out with “but in the later seasons Tony adores McGee!”

He’s not a shipper. He’s not in fandom. It isn’t what he meant. However, it was hilariously appropriate because they totally have a big brother, little brother dynamic going on, and if you can’t take the snark, you should turn off the tv.

Which is why I love White Collar, they snark all over everywhere.

Oh look. For not wanting to talk about anything today, I sure found a lot to say. It’s a good thing I’m an introvert, or I’d never shut up.


*Misspelled deliberately, re: Urban Dictionary: “like woah”: an exclamation to add emphasis**

** woah: 2:“Woah, I have nothing better to do with my time than to look up the misspelled word ‘woah’.” ***

***I only first saw it today, so I’m using it too. And yes, I had to look it up.


And before I post, I just want to send my prayers to all the victims of Hurricane Sandy.


Tied Up in Hobbies

Let’s get away from the politics, since it’s just dull and infuriating. (Good to know the only reason I’m bothered by the cage-fight mentality is just ’cause I’m a fragile women, and not, you know, that getting actual information ought to be the point.)


So, in the meantime, I’m behind on my reading. Paul Auster’s The Invention of Solitude came in early for tomorrow’s book discussion group at the library, and I finished the first part on Friday night, but haven’t picked it up since. The first half “Portrait of an Invisible Man,” was simply beautiful, and I love how the pages yellowed in my copy. And some interesting marginalia—interesting to compare how readers respond: even when one is clearly responding to an assignment. Free notes!

Then again, I have been knitting. I finished the back of my first top. Casting on for the front took all weekend, because I couldn’t remember the cast on I used (knitted on, I think it’s called). I also finally started Susie Roger’s Reading Mitts, which has been in my queue since before the first version was taken down. I’m using the yarn my mom bought me in Maine. A pretty light green, with colorful flecks, called Lena’s Meadow. I can finish the thumb, I have to learn yet another cast on. I even got through another few inches on my brother’s Dr. Who scarf: only about 15 feet to go!

Dr Who hat and scarf

Dr Who hat and scarf (Photo credit: Plashing Vole)

My current obsession with White Collar has helped my knitting a lot. Really clever themes and character growth, and simply the best relationship on television  Peter and Elizabeth Burke. It’s sad how few shows can manage even a decently healthy relationship for one episode, but theirs is real and, as El said, “we work” (because real relationships aren’t easy). Also, despite what the fangirls think, the best part of the show is Neal’s growing up. I’ve rewatched most all of the four seasons since just this weekend, which has given me lots of finger-free time.

Now if only I could figure out a way to read and knit at the same time I’d be all set—and probably caught up with both.